Message of Solidarity to AUF, Norway from the Socialist party, the Swedish section of the Fourth International

Jorge | | Internationellt


In a state of chock, dispair and rage we have followed the news about the barbaric attack directed against the Utöya summer camp of Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking (The Workers’ Youth League) and on the buildings of the Norwegian government in Oslo. Our first thoughts go to all the comrades who’s lives have been ended in the midst of their youthful commitment and to the families, relatives and friends of all those murdered. But we direct our rage against the social forces nurturing and promoting hatred against the equal value of all human beings and against border crossing, togetherness and feeling of fellowship.

If the picture presented is correct, of the culprit and his gruesome deeds, the search light must now be directed against the whole hate filled and racist milieu of the extreme right, and its crusading against immigration, Islam, the left and the multi cultural society. That the first taken-for-granted reaction in our societies was directed towards “Islamic terrorism” gives us all a thought provoking indication of in what direction we have been accustomed to look for the enemy, whilst simultaneously the nationalist right extremism has been growing in Europe, as well as the militancy of racist and Nazi groups.

The time is more than ripe to turn our attention to these deadly enemies of human value, humanity and democracy. No efforts must be spared in confronting their agitation of hatred and in strengthening the solidaristic self-defence of the equal value and equal rights of all human beings. In this struggle we all stand side by side, and honour all those who have scarified their young lives, in a promise that we will never give up!

With warm and comradely solidarity in this terrible moment,

Stockholm 23rd of July,

Socialist Party,

Swedish section of the Fourth International

through its Executive Committee