Solidarity with the Revolutionary Left Current of Syria

Jorge | | Internationellt

Comrades of the Revolutionary Left Current of Syria,

Please, receive our condolences and strong sentiments of solidarity in this moment of loss. The information of the murder of two of your comrades on their way to participate in the defense of Aleppo against the bloody Assad dictatorship, moved us deeply, and our thoughts go to the families and friends of the fallen. Their sacrifice for the democratic revolution against the counter revolutionary forces in Syria is an example for socialists all over the world. In spite of the tremendous horrors of the dictatorship and the reactionary forces, you and your fallen comrades uphold the ideals of the non sectarian Syrian revolution for democracy, human decency and social justice. We, Swedish socialists will do our best to stand by you and all the Syrian democratic revolutionaries in this struggle.

In solidarity
Executive Committee
Socialistiska partiet
Swedish section of the Fourth International