International Meeting of Young Anti-Capitalists
Online event, July 24 – August 9

The international meetings of young anti-capitalists take place every year in a different country. They bring together several hundred activists from Europe and all over the world a week of educationals and discussions. This year, they will exceptionally take place online. But they remain a special opportunity to share our realities and ideas with comrades from other countries.

The events listed below will be transmitted live on YouTube, with translations and the possibility for discussion. We will organize collective screenings for several of them, followed by drinks to continue the discussions! More detailed information will follow.

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Online programme

Friday 24 July, 17:00 (BST, London)
Capitalism, a system of permanent crisis
(Educational hosted by Socialist Youth Front – Denmark)

Saturday 25 July, 16:00 (BST, London)
Fascism, far right, authoritarianism in the times of the pandemics
(Educational hosted by Fourth International section – France)

Sunday 26 July, 16:00 (BST, London)
Our strategy and political organization to struggle today
(Round Table hosted by Anticapitalistas – Spanish State)

Friday 31 July, 17:00 (BST, London)
Feminist social reproduction theory perspective to understand the present
(Educational hosted by Anticapitalistas – Spanish State)

Saturday 1 August, 16:00 (BST, London)
(Educational hosted by Rede Anticapitalista – Portugal)

Sunday 2 August, 16:00 (BST, London)
Food Sovereignty
(Round Table hosted by SolidaritéS – Switzerland)

Friday 7 August, 17:00 (BST, London)
LGBTQIA: what can we learn from previous experiences the community faced to understand how to do politics in a time of crisis?
(Educational hosted by Communia – Italy)

Saturday 8 August, 16:00 (BST, London)
(Educational hosted by Toupeira – Portugal)

Sunday 9 August, 16:00 (BST, London)
Now we fight!
(Round Table hosted by Sinistra Anticapitalista – Italy)