Unite against Nazism

Unite against Nazism!

Statement by Socialistiska Partiet, Swedish section of the Fourth International.

(The text in spanish and swedish below)

The 8th of March, Nazis carried out an attempted murder on several people in an open street in Malmö after the feminist demonstrations on international women’s day. They were stabbed, and one man sustained life-threatening injuries, while another got a punctured lung. Nazis from Svenskarnas parti – the party of Swedes – were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. The attack was carried out just days after the Nazis who attacked another peaceful demonstration in Kärrtorp appeared before court. One of the arrested Nazis in Malmö has recently returned from Ukraine where he fought on the side of the fascists.

We are faced with a society where neo-Nazis and right-wing extremists repeatedly use deadly force against people whose values they abhor, pro-Nazi publishers distribute nazi propaganda, hideouts are found stacked with weapons, threats and violence are used against HBTQ-activists, racial agitation occurs constantly with islamophobia and anti-Semitism – and now, attempted murder against activists on the international women’s day. Feminist activists had teared down nazi stickers – and the Nazis responded with violent attack.

The escalating violence of right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis is happening simultaneously as a part of these groups tries its best to appear innocent. The politics of the bourgeoisie and its devastating consequences have given these groups wind in their sails. Some of them are in the Swedish parliament; others are running amok in the streets.

The Nazis forward momentum is not made any less dire when the media supports the growth of everyday racism which in turn legitimates Nazi violence. The strengthening of nationalism in a time when global capitalism wreaks economic and social insecurity gives way to right-wing populism, neo-Nazism and fascistic groups. The threatening of local politicians, activists, trade unionists, as well as a structural racism occurs every day in our country. If anything is, this is a threat to democracy.

According to the Swedish security service there were 14 politically-motivated murders by Nazis between 1999 and 2009 – how many unknown cases are there? We won’t forget the names of John Hron, Ronny Landin, Kent Antonsson, Hyan Altrn, Jimmy Ranjbar, Peter Karlsson, Gerard Gbeyo, Björn Söderberg. All were victims of the violent right-wing. Despite this fact, the media won’t stop harping on about ”extremism on both sides”, the security service paints ”autonomous” left-wing activists as the ”greatest threat” and the ruling coalition deploys resources against “radicalism”.

It’s time to wake up. The confrontation with the crimes of Nazism and right-wing extremists is a necessity for all who cherish a democratic society. Neo-Nazis have to be actively opposed, and they who are attacked have a right to organize a defence. Only a wide and united front can stop the Nazis from attacking and threatening people. Because of this, it’s important that we all unite in mass-movements as in Kärrtorp and the quickly assembled manifestations with thousands of participants this Sunday after the attack.

The police, the security forces and the ruling coalition must stop claiming that ”both sides are equally bad” and stop scaremongering about Muslims, as well as underestimate the deadly violence of the right-wing extremists. The Nazis are killing people!

The situation is critical. The Socialist Party encourage all democratic political forces, the entire trade-union movement and people’s movements to contribute forcefully to a united front against the Nazi violence. Unite! Fight back! We never back down.